The High Story

“We’re Not Here for Ourselves.” – Dale High

The High Story spans three generations, and is going on four. A family business that has grown to become a leading Central Pennsylvania employer, High’s roots go deep in the Lancaster community.

The theme of the story is one of entrepreneurship and values. Every chapter features the two tenets of The High Philosophy, the principles that guide the owners and the coworkers alike: to build trustworthy relationships; and to be innovative leaders.

High has built a reputation for taking the jobs that others can’t or won’t. Deep expertise and a commitment to customer success distinguish High companies in the markets they serve.

Long ago, the company helped the transportation industry shift from riveting to welded members for steel bridges. Since we set that precedent, High prides itself on product, process, and service innovations that drive value. 

The S. Dale High Leadership Center is the epicenter of The High Story. Our vision is to bring about positive change, and that also applies to the communities in which we do business. Business has a role in solving community problems. To make a difference that is meaningful and sustainable, High strives to be servant leaders in everything we do.

We hope you’ll join us. As Dale has said, "The more we can do together, the more we can become."


We’re not here for ourselves, it’s what we can do to make the world a better place … for our customers, for our communities.

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